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1963 Corvette

70 Sting

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Good evening,

Completed and photographed AMT's '63 split window Corvette.  I understand it's a bit of a cliché kit, however it was the first go at it for me.  :^) 

This version was moulded in white, had plenty of flash, but went together relatively well. The main issue was the glass - it's one solid piece and I found I had to compromise a little with front-rear fit. 

With this build my intention was to focus on a decent candy paint job, forego the engine and build it as a curb side. Paint is Tamiya X-27 Clear Red over Tamiya LP-62 Titanium Gold then clear coated with Tamiya X-22. I replaced the kit wheels with Pegasus Daggar's Chrome.


What I learned

1. Tamiya tape may not play well with X-22 Clear. I know X-22 has the reputation of taking a long time to dry, but I thought 10 days, including many hours in a dehydrator would have been enough. Not the case as you can see in the photo below. At first I thought it was glue residue left behind but the tape actually crazed/reacted with the paint. There were so many layers of X-27 that I wasn't too concerned with burning through so I sanded it down with a 3000 grit sanding sponge and recoated with X-22.

2. Applying too many layers of paint made it difficult, impossible to dry brush the raised script and use panel liner to fill in the recesses in the 2 hood grills.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend!




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Beautiful Vette. Nice and clean and great colour. Nice save on the paint. Well done! 

I’m curious about the masking tape problem. I’ve had the same thing happen on both Tamiya and Duplicolor lacquer paint. How long was the tape left on? Was it in the dehydrator at any time with the tape on it?

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Beautiful model and great photography. It always feels good to be able to pull off a save like this! I wonder if your paint challenges came from using the X22 over the X27 clear red. X27 is a notoriously slow-drying paint too, and if the clear was laid down before it was fully dry it could have affected the drying time for the clear as well. 

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