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MCM: Thank you! Your site is 99% effective!

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Just wanted to say 'thank you' to MCM for this site, and for how well it works!  I'm old, but new to online stuff compared to younger modelers, but I do use other sites, esp 1/1 type topics.  Yours works the best of any; it's easy to use, looks well, and really reaches the troops for us.  Some really don't, and have the clunky appearance of something Fred and Barney used in the day!  I've had almost 100% good luck with MCM forums, and found the folk out there to be honest and super generous.  If our dag-nabbed country were run this well... there'd but little to carp about. 

Kudos from a guy who started modeling with Aurora 'Famous Fighters' kits (still have the Me.109 instruction sheet!) in about 1953, and 'helped Dad' make his Revell Highway Pioneers cars, too.  Wick

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This site is quite user friendly, particularly for loading photos as you do not have to use a third party photo retention site who's policies might change at any time.

I have seen too many different forums content ruined by hosting sites suddenly having a change of policy.

I particularly dislike the site that watermarks every photo, thus rendering them next to useless to view properly.

I also use the Scalemotorcars forum and although good it can be a bit clunky compared to this one.

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I, too, would like to say that I appreciate just how well this site looks and works. It's always a pleasure to do my daily tour of the site. The staff and maintainers are to be commended for a job very well done. Thanks all. 

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