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'66 Nova SS Gasser Style Street Machine


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I was going to suggest a 9" also after seeing that weird thick rear axle..just didn't seem to scale at all.  I like the 9" from the AMT 57 corvette street machine kit, have a few of those kits laying around so I stole the rear end for my nova project.

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Just about done with getting the wheelwells back together. As you can see, the area that the leaf spring mounts too is still open on the chassis as that needs to be figured out. Now that a rear diff has been decided Upon, I can get after that. Things worked out better than I thought. Kinda missed on a couple things but nothing serious. Alittle seam sealer will hide all that!










Here's a photo to show the tire width difference and the room gained. The top slick is from the '65 gasser kit. And get this, when done, the tire won't even be up inside the wheelwell. 





Thanks for the comments and looking.

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"And get this, when done, the tire won't even be up inside the wheelwell." That is actually the way it usually is, but you have a much more realistic chassis. And the experience of doing it. That my friend is what this hobby is all about...

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