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1969 Nova F/SA NHRA Stock Eliminator

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Started scratch building a water pump, then decided to modify the stock pump that came with the kit.  Put some aluminum paint on the trans and valve covers with my handy dandy micro brush, then some GreenStuffWorld chrome on the headers, trans pan, and breathers.  Also, patched the hole in the timing cover.  Had some chrome left, so did up some wheels I may possibly use on this build.









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Sometimes, I just keep messing up on the same part on a build, and you just have to work through it.  I was painting the front wheel wells and, as I often do, I looked around for anything else that needed to be painted that color, also.  Grabbed the (2nd) hood and sprayed it.  Then I remembered I had not primed it after sanding off the emblems.  Well, let’s just say it’s taking a bath in 91% alcohol.  




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Installed the oil filter and transmission (with super glue).  The valve covers looked like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH (too rough sandpaper).  Was going to hand sand the paint off and smooth the scratches off, but, upon looking in my sandpaper drawer,  I spied a small reciprocal sander that works off a aa battery.  I don’t remember where I got it from, but, with some 400 grit paper, it was a lot easier and quicker than hand sanding.  Sprayed with a heavy coat of #500 mr. Surfacer primer.  We’ll see how it turns out.






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On 6/30/2023 at 3:04 AM, Straightliner59 said:

Nice save! Those look beautiful, now.

Thanks, Daniel.  Some piddling work done.  Terrible picture of the electric water pump after adding some 1/16 rod rod to the end.  Then cut some narrow masking tape strips with my handy dandy dual knife blade that I previously have used for bare metal foil strips.  Then a little black paint from mr. Color.  Not the best job, but, ok, I guess.  A little eBay research to verify my old brain on spark plug location.  Finally, my modified ultra high dollar sander that I got from Amazon a couple years ago.  Wouldn’t recommend it as a powerhouse sander, but it helped me out this time.  I am also going to try it out on the hood(s).  The valve covers after some ts17 Tamiya.









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A quick synopsis of the 68-72 Novas for Nhra class racing, courtesy of Henry Kunz and Classracer.com.  Sanded of the Delco on the battery and painted it and some other “fiddly bits”  today.  Also, some hood filling, sanding, and priming.  Will post some pics tomorrow.



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I like it so far. Good to see someone taking extra care in replicating a contemporary Stock Eliminator car. I`ve noticed a fare number of rule changes that do make sense to me, (non stock racing seats, electric water pumps, wheelie bars, etc). Amazing how many people don`t understand class racing as they think it`s just bracket racing. Stock Eliminator has always been my favorite category! Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing the finished car.

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