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Air brushing Matte /craft paint, clear coating painting questions

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Picked up some Topnotch matte paints. Got cover coat done. Looking for procedural process.

1st coat, clear, 2nd coat clear,etc ?? Toothpaste sand as needed between each ? Different for "show car" vs everyday vehicle (high shine vs not waxed  car) and why alternate coats ? I've airbrushed h o scenery but,never a model. 

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How you proceed with the clear coat depends on what you're using to clear it and what's under your craft acrylic. And I'm saying that not having used that particular craft acrylic which kind of limits my response capability.

So what are you clearing with and is there primer under the color coat ? If there is primer then what is it exactly ?

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Like Dave said. Clear coat technique can differe based on primer and paint.


I use Mr Super Clear UV Cut gloss clearcoat, or Splash 2K clearcoat. And I have yet to run into an acrylic or lacquer paint that these two clearcoats do not get along with.

As for technique. I never sand between coats. I prime, paint, and clearcoat, then do all my sanding and polishing afterwards. The only exception to this is if some garbage falls in the finish. I'll sand it out and recoat as needed, then move on to the next step.

And for applying clearcoat, I use the same technique no matter what clearcoat I am applying. This technique works for me.

The first coat is a very light dust coat. Then I wait 5 minutes and spray on another light coat, but not quite as light as that first one. And then the 3rd coat is light like the 2nd one. I build up the clear slowly. 3 light coats with 5 minutes between coats.

After the 3 light coats then I apply a wet coat. Not super heavy, but wet enough that it leaves you with a pretty smooth, glossy finish. If it is a race car, I'll usually stop there. But if it is a show car I'll wait 10-15 minutes and then add another really wet coat. Like just to the point where it almost runs. This gives me extra coating to wet sand and polish out.

After I apply all the clear, I let the model sit and cure for at least a week. Sure, it is dry to the touch in a couple hours, and can be handled a day later, but it isn't fully cured for at least a few days. I round up to a week just to be sure. And if I really want to polish it out to a super high glos, I sometimes even let it sit a month before I polish it out.

Hope this helps.


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9 minutes ago, Dave G. said:

I'll just say that whatever you decide Test first !

Basically  I have tested first. Just curious  what the "pros" do it. I have 3 coats on,do one more maybe,then 3,4 coats of clear. Thanks everyone! 

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