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60s Styled 37 Chevy Gasser


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I’m calling this one finished. It’s not perfect but for the most part I’m satisfied with it. I learned a lot about this kit during the building. Some experimenting went on with this one. Windshield needed the bottom trimmed as the interior didn’t fit and now the chassis isn’t squared with the body so the front right tire isn’t sitting on the ground. I added the headlights after painting, big mistake as the attachment points were buried in paint, and it made placement really hard. The superglue I used to mount the door handles fogged the black paint. Comments, criticism welcome. Thanks for looking.







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On 6/25/2023 at 9:03 PM, larman said:

Nice job! I like the engine mods you did, a big improvement over the kit parts! 

Thanks Larry, most of the engine is kit parts, I sanded the ribs off the oil pan   ,swapped the injector from the parts box and valve covers from the Revell 67 Chevelle kit.

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Nicely done, the '37 Chevys make nice gassers and yours is no exception, clean building style and paintwork.  You as the builder see the flaws but to me it's a very nice model.


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Roger, this thing is awesome. You can paint, sir! You should be very proud of this gorgeous gasser. CONGRATS! 

When I have items like those headlight pods or mirrors and handles that must be attached post paint, I will pre-drill the body before paint and use .020 brass wire to "pin" them on afterward (just run the bit through the holes to clean out the paint.) That way you get a good positive attachment using only the tiniest bit of CA. If I can drill it, I pin it. Mirrors and handles can be tricky but if the item is big enough to drill with a #75 bit, you're in business. (You can go smaller if you have those small bits but I can't keep those below #75 - I just break them 😔.) I will also do this with rear spoilers too. Try it!

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Thanks Jim, I’m going to start pinning more of my parts. I thought the location marks for the headlights would show through the paint and while one was faint,the other disappeared. Same for the tail lights, the instructions said to drill out the holes indicated under the body, but there were none. There was locating holes for the door handles which I really appreciated. A little more prep before painting would save me a lot of headaches. Thanks for the advice!

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Thanks everyone, for the kind words. I’ve not been on here in a week or so, so I apologize for the late response. Work and life keep me pretty busy and I am spending as much free time I have on my Hornet build, wanting to get it completed. 

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