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1957 Crew Cab Race Car Hauler - 07-07-2023 Update

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On 6/27/2023 at 12:41 AM, Exotics_Builder said:

I bought it some years back at a club meeting and there was no maker data.  So, I have no idea who did the master or who was the caster.

I think thats a RMR  (Resin Model Ranch) resin. Still sells them.

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I’m a little further along on fitting.  I have merged the chasses at the cut points and did a little rework as the Chevy Chassis is slightly wider than the Ford.  I also added an extra cross brace and transmission crossbar.  I decided to use the 348 out a parts AMT 59 El Camino instead of the small block Chevy.  In fitting, I left a gap between the cab and the trailer box since the 1:1 would have different flexing as it travelled.  It may be a tad too much, but I was also thinking of the height of the rear locker area.

I also was considering opening up a couple of the storage areas on the trailer.  After some research I decided it was a major project needing quite a bit of work.  I concluded it was more than I wanted to do on this project.







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  • Exotics_Builder changed the title to 1957 Crew Cab Race Car Hauler - 07-07-2023 Update
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Latest Update:

I’ve been making some progress on the 57 Chevy Crew Cab Hauler and one setback.  I’ve pretty much got the frame built up as much as I intend to go, including the insertion of a 348 Truck Engine in place of the Small Block.  I’ve simulated brake lines and stubbed for a fuel line.  Need to work out the exhaust system and then apply the assembled wheels/tires.

The cab resin body needed a good amount of clean up and is ready for final prime and then color coat.  I am keeping this more as a work truck than a custom.  For the color, originally, I was going to use Tamiya Camel Yellow.  A test shot convinced me otherwise and the color will be Tamiya Coral Blue.  The interior will be black.

As for the setback.  I sprayed the color coat on the ramp body.  Given the size and shape, I crafted a holding tool for it.  It worked fine for the primer and first color coat.  On completing the final color coat and setting down to dry the body came off the tool.  The paint, still being wet made a mess of the result.  It’s dry now and I’m looking to see what I need to do to repair the damage. 




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Update 3

Got the frame just about fully assembled.  Cannot do much more until the cab is mounted so I can complete simulating fuel and parking brake lines.  Using the Ford trucks exhaust and bendable rod, I crafted the exhaust system.  I used rod as I had no solder of the right diameter, and no hardware store had the needed size either.  Getting ready to mount the wheels and finish the painting plus the interior.





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The crew cab I got at club meeting (don't know who cast it) is rough on the inside and required some considerable mod of the interior pieces to get a decent fit.  The mods won't be visible when assembled which is good because some serious trimming was needed or there would be big gaps in the firewall area.  

Finishing up the cab part and stripped the ramp body to repaint after the drop off the stand.  

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Resin bodies are a challenge. The only saving grace if that resin sands easily enough. Now the 3D printed ones, they seem to be much thinner and require less work. BUT... I find the printed resins to be brittle if I have to drill on them.

I tell friends at shows, do not let me buy any resin bodies... I have a slightly stalled '64 Fairlane stock car in resin that needed a ton of work. But the body is where I'm happy with it. Then a Flintstone '49 Mercury, also a mountain of work.

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Got the base and first clear coats on.  Starting to decal the cab and hauler ramp body.  

Detailed the interior a bit.  But not totally prototypical.  The caster used the AMT kit interior tub as their base.  The detail on the kit is exceedingly soft and this wasn't any better. I added some details including scratch built arm rests, door handles and window cranks.  Once decaled and final clear coat applied, finally assembly will begin.



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