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"It's Miller Time" 1981 IMSA Mustang

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

7 hours ago, Justin Porter said:

 How were the Speedline decals to work with?

The decals were great. I'd had them sitting around for a few years - not even sure where I bought them at this point - but no problems getting them to go on. Besides giving you the option of doing either the white or red version, they are crisper and the gold lines are a true metallic as they should be. The one area where they missed the boat a little is at the back of the car under the spoiler - the decal there needs to be white to stand out against the red (on the version I did), so I ended up making my own decal for that. I found a font on my computer that was close, scaled it to size, then printed red on white decal paper. The other slight mistake is that the decal guide doesn't show the white going down off the roof and around the back window. A difficult masking job, but worth it, I think. Finally, the red paint I used doesn't match the red on the decals as closely as I'd like - my mistake here, but at least it's not very noticeable in the photos, ha. 

p.s. Indycals now does decals for the car, but only the white version: https://www.indycals.net/decals/lemans/81millermustang.html

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