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Star Fleet Phaser type II circa 2266. Built from a very hard to find injection molded bootleg kit from the '70's or 80's. The kit is somewhat crude and requires quite a bit of work to make a respectable replica but it is doable.

A little Star Trek lore...Phasers of this era used a Phaser type I (black device on top of grey pistol frame) mounted in the type II pistol frame to increase the type I power output. By rotating the silver wheel on the top of the black Phaser I the weapon would turn on lighting the red power indicator, pivoting up the silver grid (the Electron Aspirator) and rotating up a sighting window (the gloss black rectangle in front of the silver grid) which allowed sighting the weapon through the window at the front of the pistol above the beam emitter.

The weapon was fired by depressing the silver button near the grip which is also a detachable power pack. Power output adjustments were made thru the dial at the rear of the pistol frame and the wheel on Phaser I. Settings range from stun thru heat, cutting, burning, and disrupt among others.

The entire kit required much refinement to more closely replicate a Phaser. I added the red power indicator, the flip up sight window (shiny rectangle in front of silver grid) and the Electron Aspirsator (silver metal grid on top/front of Phaser I) and a more screen accurate power indicator dial. I also added the sighting window at the front of the pistol frame, and the Phaser I release (brass rod) on the left side of the pistol frame.

 It's not perfectly accurate to a screen used prop but it ain't bad from what the kit started as.











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57 minutes ago, michelle said:

Very nice but that is a phaser type 2 from 2266-2269 
The 2259-2265 phasers we’re very similar looking both in color and design as seen in the pics below



You are correct, thank you...guess my CRS is gettin worse. And thank you fer yer comment.  

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