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37 Chevy Coupe Gasser


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Everything went pretty good on this build except the candy orange paint.  The hood came out a different color so I'm using the clear orange hood & glass that came in the kit and displaying the painted hood on a stand.  The engine is a 572 BB resin engine I got from a fellow You-tuber (Rusty Rotor) and the headers came from my good friend Roger that I modified to fit.  Wheels & tires came from Jay's Wheels & Tires 1948 on eBay.  The wheely bars, parachute, and decals came from the parts box.  I set this 37 up like the 1:1 37 Gasser (American Pie) that I found online.  The chassis was totally modified to except the Big Ole Meats in the back and to get the front end to the proper height.  The chrome on the wheels were hit with a Molotow pen.  The red balls on the injector stacks are 1 1/4' ball pens I bought at HL.  Just cut the metal straight pin off and your good to go.  The body was painted with Tamiya white primer then a base coat of Tamiya acrylic X-11 Chrome Silver was laid down.  The finish coat was Tamiya X-26 Clear Orange to try and get a candy color.  Other than the hood not matching it came out pretty good.  Hope you enjoy the pics.  

WIP: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/182079-1937-chevy-coupe-gasser/      












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2 hours ago, ksnow said:

Turned out very nice. That orange color really pops. I really like that big ol engine stuffed in there.

Thanks.  That engine took some doing.

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1 hour ago, TransAmMike said:

Well Buddy, that's just a great looking '37. Love everything about it and the color gorgeous. 👍👍👍👍

Haha...thanks Buddy.  I appreciate it.

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11 hours ago, dragcarz said:

That’s just beautiful! It made me smile! That turned  out so cool!

Thanks Roger.  I'm glad it made you smile.  It made me smile as well.

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53 minutes ago, paul alflen said:

Zippi, you are a fast learner. Beautiful build and beautiful car. The clear orange hood set it off! Period Drag Gasser for sure. This should be in the Magazine! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Paul.  I appreciate the kind words.

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5 hours ago, redscampi said:

I'll say this again. I think the mismatched paint on the hood is a happy accident. The clear hood really makes this car pop!

I appreciate man.  Thanks.

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