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Monogram 1983 Mustang GLX convertible


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4 hours ago, Zen said:

Looking good, is this going to be a stock build? That color looks grey in the pics.

Yes it is,i thought the color looks a little off,but then i see other pictures on the net and it looks almost exact.

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Okay some progress,engine is painted gray as Ford changed the color,also modified the valve covers couldn't find any pics with kit pieces.I had no gray spark plug wire so i went with black.IMG_5673.thumb.JPG.068a9c34d430b390f60c6a3e3bc20b4b.JPG

I also modified the seats a bit,i cut off the recaro headrests and used headrests from a 69'Vette instead.IMG_5669.thumb.JPG.bc39772ee512161f761f9152e9583673.JPG

Going with a white /blue interior,so 25 minutes of masking for 2 minutes of painting,also changed the steering wheel the kit one appears to be from 79-82.IMG_5674.thumb.JPG.23133ea07a482b72ab6fe71b91c74ca8.JPGIMG_5675.thumb.JPG.2ca824241e3b12082098979fd2e9315e.JPG

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Thanks for the comments guys!,the interior is finished i used my old Detailmaster woodgrain sheet for the instrument panel and 93'svt gauges for the speedometer and such.The pedals are from a 66'Fairlane


I added P/E keys and turn a turn signal lever made from stretched sprue.



The finished interior: seatbelts were made using Pactra 1/16  masking tape and colored with a blue sharpieIMG_5688.thumb.JPG.36db459554a1f20a9502c39ae2409127.JPGIMG_5689.thumb.JPG.345ae8ba67d74e4bdfaf0d8ef23f27d4.JPG IMG_5687.thumb.JPG.63eceb1736dcd864dc0235f4a81562b1.JPG

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Okay back with another update the licence plates are complete.IMG_5709.thumb.JPG.cd0ee8296a786d27f89283ff5d49388b.JPGThe taillights are done i used a decal for the black area instead of painting and Tamiya paints for the colors. IMG_5714.thumb.JPG.1401018d735387ccfe8c41b6eac9551a.JPGIMG_5716.thumb.JPG.6f3a5d16faf6b02b2d55e64ea1d8dba1.JPG

Still not happy with the trim,but trying to use a little thinner started to remove the paint as well,hoping to finish it up tomorrow just have a few things to do.IMG_5717.thumb.JPG.dc4e9c3b0f0a320dbc3fad695ac7ba89.JPG

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