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1963 Studebaker Avanti

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When I was a school kid a buddy´s father had an Avanti parked in the driveway. It looked very different than any other car of those days and I really liked it. 60 years later it still looks very different than any other car even of these days. (To be honest, I can´t remember ever seeing an original Avanti since then...) The design is unique and, in my opinion, beautiful. An epic classic that unfortunately didn´t have the fate to survive.

This build is an AMT/Ertl kit. The overall quality is high, but I did miss a few parts to make it perfect: no decals, no brake booster etc. So I had to improvise, meaning doing what model builder do.

The paint is mixed from Schmincke Aero Color airbrush acrylic with 25% metallic fluid on an grey base. Top coat is AK Clear Gloss with a bit of polishing. The chrome is Bare Metal MATT. Wheels are kit and generally I came out fine with the kit parts. Which dosn´t mean I didn´t have to pimp up the details for realness.


The big parts like the interior tub and the doors needed some heavy filing and sanding to finally fit. Many chrome parts were plated very sloppy so I had to smooth out the bumpers, which would have shown too much.






The interior trim and the gauge rings are 0.4mm silver plated wire. I scrap build the door handles and cranks and added seat belts. The floor is flocked black on dark blue.


The engine was a bit of a challenge because I didn´t find as many images as usual from the big brands. It took a while to understand where some lines, hoses and cables were running so I made the best of it. The pulley wheels are home made and pinned to the block with 1mm brass rods. Interesting was the double belt for the Paxton compressor. The belts are cut from a 0.8mm rubber mat. The brake booster is a scrap part adapted for the purpose. Yes, the engine bay is very packed and in the end I was happy that the hood still fit and closed correctly. A bit of AK engine grime wrapped it up.






The undercarriage has a few details added and I applied a bit more grime, rust and weathering. 


Thank you for watching!



You can see the video with this link:


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Beautiful model. I’m particularly impressed with all the high-quality scratch built details you incorporated into the interior and engine bay, looks like a ton of work!

I remember admiring a brand new Avanti in a shopping mall parking lot in 1962 (I was nine years old). It looked so exotic and radically futuristic, like the first C2 Sting Ray coupe I saw later that same year, both of them really left an impression on me. At the time I figured flying cars were only a few more years away!

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Wow, I´m flattered... Thanks everyone for your kind response! Well yes, that was a long job. But I loved every minute of it! 😇 Hardly made any mistakes this time and no goofing it in the end (you know, a spot of glue on the fingertips HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN AAARGH!) I have no next kit at home now, going on holiday. I will see what comes up next.

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The amount of detail on this is impressive. All in all a fantastic build and the colour is a good choice for this era. Really well done Andreas and thanks for sharing. 


David. 😎👍


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