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Restoring a box?

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Question for the group. I recently acquired several 1960s kits that are mint but a couple have spray paint where the original owner tested a spray can. I believe the paint is Testors. Is there a safe way to remove it without hurting the print under it? I know it will be a slow process but its worth it to restore the box?
If you've tried it and failed, please let me know what didn't work.
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Maybe try Goo Gone. Just a dab. Anything you do is likely to have some kind of impact on the artwork especially if you use any friction. I'd definitely try it out in a hidden spot first if you can, or on something that you don't highly value.  If it's very valuable you might consider having a professional repair: https://www.randystoyshop.com/box-repair/

I've removed some pretty ugly stuff from boxes with varying degrees of success. Fingernails, plastic scalpels, Goo Gone (usually for tape residue), Windex, dish soap, magic eraser, etc. It's a trial and error process.

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I doubt you can save it.  Even ignoring the facts that cured enamel is difficult to remove, and it also likely soaked into the paper, the most problematic is that whatever solvent is used to remove the paint, will almost certainly also start dissolving the ink that was used to print the box.

But you have nothing to lose by  trying..

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