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Phantom Nascar Truck


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Having bought a NASCAR TRUCK body sometime ago I thought it was time to tackle a build. I bought a relatively cheap car kit from ebay, I started the build. This is so far having modified the chassis to fit.

Now finished using parts and decals from the Monogram  Chevy Lumina kit.



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On 7/27/2023 at 12:11 PM, PatW said:

Thanks guys. Yes if only we could get new series Nascar Trucks.

Someone on eBay prints the newer bodies, I'll see if I can link to one. I scored a bunch of Monogram truck kits at a close out years ago for $1.98 each... a shopping cart holds 40 of them. I still have about 12 left and some AMT kits. I did a phantom to the Pearson #17 car and Andretti's #11 car.


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Thanks guys. Interesting bobss396, importing kits to the UK is at present expensive, some asking $40 or more just for shipping. Interested to see the 3D printed bodies though, thanks.

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Outside of my stash, I rarely see any Craftsman kits in stores. I see them at shows and eBay and the prices are up there.  I just did an eBay search and the only truck kits are 1/32 scale for slot car bodies.

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