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AMT Corvette instructions?

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I bought this kit at a second hand store yesterday, and the instruction sheet is for a Revell ‘95 Corvette.😕 I haven’t been able to find the instructions online for it so far. I haven’t done an inventory yet, but it looks like I may have almost two kits in the box, except for wheels and tires. I did find instructions for an AMT 1970 Corvette online.  Does anyone know how close all these kits are? It looks like the previous builder was doing a nice job of tubbing it Any info on either kit appreciated.

Thanks, Greg.






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1 hour ago, Mark said:

The street machine kit is related to the '70 coupe kit, so the instructions relating to the basic engine, front suspension, and interior will apply.  

Thanks Mark. I’m not too well versed in Corvettes, but the yellow one I figure must be a ‘68 due to a lack of a chrome molding around the gills…if AMT was that fussy? From a Corvette forum: “Of the C3 models, the 68 and 69 had the 4 verticle gills. 70 thru 72 had the eggcrates. 73 and up had the single opening.”   “and to add. '68's had no trim in the gills whereas '69 did.”

Does anyone know if the tubbed rear subframe was an option? It looks to be molded from the same tan coloured plastic as the ‘72 body.

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The street machine had the four-link/solid axle setup, but the tubs weren't as big as that.  That kit had an odd combination of parts; the stock rear wheel openings prevented any sort of huge pro street tires from being used, and it had a stock hood.  A good start for a pro street project, but needs bigger tires out back as well as a wilder engine.

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Thanks Fellas! I’ve downloaded the instructions for the Revell ‘68 2n1 kit, so I should be able to sort out what goes where. I bought it mainly for the tires when I saw them in there. I don’t think they are as huge as the ones in the ‘67 Chevelle kit and will fit better under another project I’m planning.😎


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