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Looking for smaller than 00-90 hardware, nuts & studs.

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I am looking for small nuts to use on some NASCAR modified wide-5 wheels. I have used Walthers 00-90 nuts and either 00-90 threaded rod or just .031 brass for the studs. But the flats on the screws are too big, .080 = 2 scale inches. 

There was a place that sold nuts and studs attached, called Galtran (Gallery of Transportation). They are out of business. I do have some that measure 1" in scale (.040" across the flats. Something with a larger nut like .062" might be a good compromise.

Anyone have a source? That would be a big help. I'm going to order some brass or aluminum nuts from RB Motion for now to get me going. I can use brass or stainless steel pins with those. I have a bunch of 1/32" from McMaster Carr I use to pin parts together.

Thanks all!

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According to McMaster-Carr, they have 0000-160 nuts, that  are 1/16"(.0625") across the flats. Problem is, I only see them in 18-8 stainless, and they're almost $18 for just one.

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Next size down from 00-90 is 000-120, then even smaller is 0000-160.  In the past I was able to get mine (in brass) from some sources which evaporated.  Yes, the 0000-160 are very pricey, but if you can find 000-120, they should be less expensive.

You might also look at metric size fasteners. Those might be available from China for less money (but I cant' give you any specific sizes - not very familiar with them).

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