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Hasegawa Learjet C-21A (Model 35)

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Second aircraft completion in a year after a thirty plus year hiatus. Not a great representative, but it's finished. This model is closer to the first Model 35 than production versions. I discovered these things as I built it. The first Model 35 sits on a pole out in front of the hangars I work at. It looks like a Model 31 because it has the Longhorn wing on it, but it's the first Model 35. I modified the cowling to be closer to bucket style reversers. Added fuel dumps to tip tanks. Caracal decals and Tamiya paint. Foil for the shiny bits. Planes are tough compared to cars. This one gave me no place to hold it while painting. Windows are incorrect on both sides. Didn't realize until I started decals. They gave a decal for the missing left side, but on the right side there is one extra window forward the emergency escape hatch and there should be a window behind the emergency escape hatch. I could have added some missing antennas too, but just didn't feel like making them. I can't understand why this has a cabin, you can't see anything past the cockpit.




When I was in the Air Force I refueled a C-21 once. It's kind of like fueling your car. You fill through the wing tip tanks, those red circles. You fill one wing halfway, then fill the other full, then come back and finish filling the first wing. Who knew after I retired from the service, I'd work for Learjet now Bombardier. I never worked on too many 35s, mostly Model 60s and 45s before I moved over to Flight Test. I don't miss working on the tiny buggers.






Initial paint before foil and decals. Tested Molotow pin on the window tape before simulating the polished edges around the openings


Drilled a hole and a piece of tube for the dumps in each wing fuel tip tank


Simple mods to make it look like bucket style thrust reversers, paint and foil did the rest


First mock up. I thought it was going to be a quick, simple build

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It looks really good to a non-aircraft buff like me.  Nice model of a corporate jet.  What scale? 1:48?

As for the cabin interior, that would  come  in really handy if one decoded to do a cutaway model (like I used to see sometimes in travel agencies decades ago).

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