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International Harvester Scout II

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Axles are glued on - finally.  Once dry, I'll pull the wheels off again and attach some shocks.  I don't know if that's prototypically correct, but seems better than "just" the leaf springs.   The stance front and back is, I feel, a little better.  The rear axle actually more-or-less centered, in spite of my poor quick phone camera action. :)

So, I feel like I'm getting somewhere finally.



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On 9/14/2023 at 5:20 PM, Jonathan said:

Thank you - I tend to build in fits and spurts.  Lots of progress and then ... distraction. :)

That’s my build style too!🥴 This Scout is really shaping up nicely Jonathan! I really like all the stuff in the interior.👍

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I was starting to feel pretty good about the ol' Scout and felt like I was nearing the end.

I used my Mk. I wheel alignment jig and was pretty happy with the wheel alignment:



The front bumper and winch from the now defunct Olson Bros. Scout II upgrade set:


Nearing completion, I realized the interior tub was pulled a bit away from the body.  Nothing a cheap clamp and some Tamiya thin cement won't fix:


Next, I scratched up some decals.  Bear in mind, I have never created decals before.  Side commentary here:


In honor of my brother-in-law who gave me the kit for Christmas (2022), I created "Dave's Surf Shack":


After a few coats of Tamiya clear lacquer, I put the decals on the Scout, only to realize that 1) I didn't trim the clear close enough to the lettering on the door, and 2) the decals immediately curled over themselves.  So, lots of working with the decals to get them to mostly lay down, and I decided to dirty up the model a bit in an effort to maybe hide the not-so-great decals.

But ... tragedy!  In my own clumsiness, I managed to knock the Scout off the bench and onto the concrete floor of the garage.  Ugh!





So ... realizing I wasn't really super happy with the way the model was sitting (even though the wheels were parallel from left to right, they did not all four touch the ground), I'm looking at this as an opportunity to make better decals and to hopefully fix the ride height.  Unfortunately, the rear bumper (also part of the Olson set) took a real hit in the fall.  Hopefully I can salvage it.


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Wow, sorry about the accident. Or as the surfers would call it, a "wipe-out".

But as you said, it's an opportunity to correct the wheel issues.

The decals look okay, with the cracking maybe you could go with a more weathered approach. It is an older truck.

Best of luck pulling it all back together. 

David G.

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Well ... decided to strip the body and start over.  Goal is to salvage as much as possible from the original build.  *sigh*

Cleaned up (again), primed, and got the top painted.  I'll have to do something about the marker lights and such, as they've lost some detail from all of the painting, striping, sanding, priming cycles. :P 


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24 minutes ago, NOBLNG said:

Darn! That was looking good too!😕

Thanks!  At least the surf boards survived.  The resin rear bumper actually broke into 3 pieces - I hope I can salvage that.  I may make a few small changes as I rebuild this - to be determined...

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