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Minicraft MG

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If its anything like their model A pick up it would make a great waste bin warmer. Their model A pick up is the worst kit i've ever bought. There are chunks missing from the doors, hood top, missing parts and awfully scaled wheels front and back. I'm not even sure the front wheels are 1/16. the rear axle is bent already on the sprue and the body doesn't fit the doors, its not even close. The only decent parts in it are the engine and chassis but even its already twisted. Now i know why they sold so cheaply to end up with. The box is nice though,lol

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I have two of the Model A roadsters, one un opened, the other painted and ready for assembly. You could say truthfully assembly is a bit unique, mostly to do with the body and door hinges etc. If I ever get to the second one I think I'll just glue the doors in and make it one solid body. The fenders have a slight warp towards the right rear that I can deal with. But everything else seems straight or for the most part anyway. Getting the chassis square on assembly was interesting, it's a ladder assembly and narrower at the front than rear. And it's all separate rails and cross members you glue together. There is no pattern or anything to fit it to. But hey I did it. I used the slow setting black bottle Testors liquid glue and had time to tweak it as an assembly to where it mounts and just set it aside to dry. The instructions leave much to be desired.

Be a great thing to model as a barn find or junk yard discovery. But you can get them together half decent too. The cowl, dash and windshield portion is just plain a piece of work. I don't perceive that my wheels and tires are out of scale. It has decent chrome, the engine has nice details. It has it's plus and minus features to the kit.

But alas, that's the A, never worked on the MG.

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Thanks for the info. I got it at a very reasonable price. I did some checking around for prices. About $50.00 is the average for it. I only got 1 offer for the kit. I am on final assembly on 2 cars now. I might start this MG next.



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The Minicraft kits seem to have their little quirks but generally it's not anything you can't deal with. The doors and hinges I mentioned on the Model A has mostly to do with the idea the hinges look like they might be better suited for a split rail or picket fence gate. They might have some scale if mounted to a 1/8 model. But really that's my main gripe, most other things you might find along the way from various kit manufacturers. Then too you need to consider the age of these kits.

I think someone built one of those MG kits over in the FSM forums.

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