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So 2 months ago, my daughter and her best friend from college were hanging out in the basement where the best friend discovered my chaos that I call the modeling shop.

As she was looking around, she came across an unbuilt kit of Revell’s Bronco and told my daughter it was her dream to own a 70 Bronco in a teal blue with white top.

She helped my daughter move out of her college apartment, I decided I would build this for her and surprise her.

Took me 2 months using Splash Paints Cockpit Turquoise and Insignia White with Splashes 2K Clear over the paint, decals and BMF.

I used black embossing powder for the the carpet, dechromed the grill, bumpers and wipers. Rather than using the spare tire cover on the rear, I had a second set of wheels and tires so I pirated one to use on the spare tire carrier. I also wired the engine and added a mechanical fuel pump to the mix with plumbing. 

It was a fun build and everything fit so nicely. Overall, I like it but there are several flaws.

Enjoy the pics…IMG_3303.thumb.jpeg.2347affbbb7f378fad58cb072726b9ad.jpeg




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54 minutes ago, Chuckyg1 said:

Very nice. How did your daughter's friend like it?

She loved the pictures I her sent of it but she won't actually get it until the end of January.  Both my Daughter and her friend are working at Disney in Florida as part of the Disney College Program from this past June until January 2024.

The build was fun...mostly box stock with a few mods and a lot of detail panting of even the most minute of details (hinges, Dash Details and so forth).  I'm considering doing another one and add some custom work to it.  I have 2 more builds in the queue that I want to do first and at the speed I build, it may be closer to 2025 before I get to it.

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16 minutes ago, Bills72sj said:

I would suggest mini magnets glued where they are not seen and/or inset and painted over.

I thought about that but I'm thinking more of scratch building a small latch where the bar of the swing arm will physically rest on it to take the stress off the weight of the spare tire hanging on it.  That swing arm was only designed to bare the lighter weight of the plastic tire cover on the model.

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So I was getting really annoyed by the fact the Spare Tire Carrier kept swinging out so I devised a small but simple latch to keep the carrier swung into the body.

I drilled a small hole in the tail gate and insert a small plastic dowel with a rounded dip in it just slightly higher than where the carrier arm sits next to the body.  End result is the spare tire carrier now sits tight to the body and since it is just slightly elevated, it take the stress of the weight off the carrier and not cause the plastic carrier to warp/bend out of whack...



I also corrected the wheel so the locking hub on the front now and replace the side windows this time using a white glue as opposed to Tenex.

Thank you everyone for the feedback!

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