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Aoshima 70's-ish MGB


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My latest build is a quick build of the Aoshima MGB kit. I wanted to do a rusty, weathered 70's-ish MGB so I started with the rubber bumper version of this kit that has the Rostyle wheels but also includes all the early MGB chrome bumpers and grill. 




This is almost entirely out-of-the-box with the exception of 3D printed tires and steering wheel. The interior is more accurate for an early MGB as well as a few other details but overall it feels like the hard-driven MGBs I remember driving around when I was a teenager.


I carved out the back of the lower rockers and added some rust holes as well as a patched and primered portion on the left side. I heated the inside of the plastic with a soldering iron and pushed in some dents on the rear quarter and trunklid. I also filed the molded-in trim off the rear quarter panel and drilled the mounting holes.




Weathering was mostly done with airbrushed lacquer and enamel washes. All of the chrome was stripped and redone with Alclad which allowed me to remove one of the rear bumper guards.




Thanks for looking!



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My first car was an MG so I know this car well. Everything is perfect. The bonnet threw me as mine was aluminum which wouldn't rust. I researched it and found that later in the run they were steel. 

If it wasn't for the windscreen's optical distortion, I'd swear you were trying to pass off a real car as a model.

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Wow….awesome build and photography! My first car was a worn out 67 MG Midget. Loved that car. I wish I could find a model of it…..

great build and weathering. Takes me back in the day.

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Amazing realism Martin.

My sister and her husband had a red one of these years ago and for reasons best known to themselves decided to drive it on a holiday trip from one side of Australia (Sydney to Perth) and back- nearly 8,000 km. He's about six foot tall and I don't think he ever walked straight again....... 

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