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Well it has been quite a while since I have posted anything or completed anything for that matter.  Over the last two or three years I have been witling away at this project while dealing with “life things”.  This build represents a memory from my childhood.  I lived in a small town in Montana in the 70’s and was in 6th grade.  A farm boy in 8th grade drove this pickup to school every day (it was his truck) and I remember being so jealous and just staring at it in awe.  His truck was actually an F250 with a 460 engine but I built mine as a ½ ton with a 390 to make it “mine” ha ha!  The colors are close but after clearing it, the yellow darkened up a bit.  An unusual color combination for sure but Ford had these colors (or close to it) during this time so I am happy with the result. The grill inserts have a blue hue to them in some photos but I think it was the lighting or camera or something because they are painted grey and look grey in person.  The bug shield is accurate with the exception of the letter style used.  I hope it isn’t breaking any rules or offensive to anyone, if that is the case, I apologize for the post.  I simply wanted to re-create the truck from my memory as close as possible.

 For this build I used: Grill assembly, door panels, wheels, fender/bed badges, and cab lights from my Rookie Resin parts.  I designed and printed a new tailgate, AC/ heater box under the hood, AC compressor/ fan belt assembly with new power steering pump and brackets etc., washer jug, starter solenoid, battery, ignition module, coil, mirrors, and distributor.  The regular 8ft bed is one of my crappy attempts to cast my own beds from 5 years ago that required a ton of work to get it usable.  I fabricated from scratch: headliner, sun visors, antenna, engine plumbing and wiring, exhaust system, and bug shield.  I had to do some modifying to the kit to get things to align a little better such as shaving a large amount off of the dash and adding shims to get it to sit up higher in the tub to be more accurate and to keep the steering wheel off of the seat.  The interior tub needed to be modified to allow my door panels to be used and obviously the rear suspension had to be moved along with the arc in the rear frame.  I used a modified parts box gas tank to fit between the rails at the rear. A Moebius radiator and modified jack were used under the hood and various parts box pieces completes the list I think.  I hope you like it and comments are welcome!











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