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1/16th Scale Top Fuel Dragster Eddie Hill 4:99

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4 hours ago, Ian McLaren said:

Thank you very much Mike!   Having seen the kind of work you turn out your words mean a lot!   The next car is more up you alley, full brass 1978 Swindahl chassis, funny car, it's also a (been thinking about this one for years kind of deal) project and is going to be my most ambitious.

model yet

That will truly be a joy, to watch!

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On 2/29/2024 at 8:23 AM, Codi said:

I like how this turned out Ian.......but the last comment about what's on deck is just a huge tease.  Can't wait to see what you've got coming next.  cheers,tim

Thank you Tim, I'm glad you liked it.  Sorry fot the tease but I am realy excited about this next funnycar build. I saw the real car run in 78 and knew most of the people involved.  The past three years have been spent researching the car and primarily the chassis as well as locating suitable parts.  Finally finding a body that while being different from the original, can be modified to a suitable replica, is allowing me to move from research to a workable build plan.  I have a 1/25 scale ProMod Nitrous Beretta I have to finish for a friend and owner of the real car first (another two to three weeks I hope) and then I can start to concentrate on the Firebird.  By the way welcome back, we missed you.


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