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Wild custom show rod - Monogram Beachboys 32 coupe makeover

alan barton

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According to the Scalemates website, the Beachboys Little Deuce Coupe version of Monogram's ancient 32 roadster kit was released in 1989.  That tells you how long it took me to finish this one! I ordered two kits on hearing that they were coming out but as soon as I collected them from my LHS I had my doubts.  To quote Scotty from Star Trek "It's a Deuce coupe, captain, but not as we know it!"

Yep, after modellers had waited almost four decades for a  usable 1/24th or 1/25th scale 3 window coupe, they came out with a botched up mess.  A coupe IS NOT a roadster with a roof - it is an entirely different body and the contours are very different to each other.  Reluctantly I built one almost box stock straight away - beggars can't be choosers - but then decided to chop the second one to try and correct the roof line if nothing else.

That was a bit beyond my skill set at the time so it went back in the box.  It came out again about five years ago but didn't inspire me.  It then occurred to me that seeing as how it was so ugly, why not go uglier?  A radical custom show rod from the early sixties could hide a multitude of sins, so that's what I did.

So, the recipe is as follows.

Fenders and running boards and fuel tank removed from stock Monogram fender unit.

Front frame rails Z' eed just behind grille.

AMT Ala Kart chromed coil sprung banjo rear end.

Chromed dropped front axle with spring in front of, not on top of axle - it may be a Black Widow item, I think.

AMT 409 Chevy from the 57 Chevy kit with six carbs and scoops from the exhaust tips from a Hot Wheels toy.

Custom front end from AMT 32 Tudor double kit, with expanded mesh insert instead of the Edsel grille.

Chopped roof with angled windshield posts

Deck lid filed as flat as I dared to remove some of the roadster hump

Rear rollpan made from the custom cowl from a Monogram Lil Coffin 

Monogram whitewalls and mags.

I did almost nothing inside the highly inaccurate interior because to be honest, you just cant see in there.  A bit of two tone paint and a right hand drive conversion and that's about it.

Thanks for looking.










Grille comparo.JPG

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I like it, nice save, from something you weren't happy with to a nice custom '32 coupe, nice modeling. I liked the fact that you ultimately saw it through to the end, it's an inspiration to get back to some stalled projects.

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