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AMT 32 Ford Coupe

Yeah Nah

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Did this one a while back. The red was actually brush painted using a Games Workshop acrylic with a rattle can clear over the top.  Had some decals that came with the Lindberg 32 Hot Rod kit re-issued some time back so I could sort of replicate the old AMT box art.

32 Ford Coupe 61 .JPG

32 Ford Coupe 61 2 .JPG


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6 hours ago, rrb124@sbcglobal.net said:

Back end is nice and low. Perfect! Did the kit come like that?

Thanks Robert. Yes, the old AMT kit is FAR from perfect, but it pretty much builds out-of-the-box like that if you leave the fenders off. 

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5 hours ago, TarheelRick said:

Very nice little rod. Really like that paint, especially since you did it with a brush.  I have trouble getting my paint cans that smooth. Beautiful build.

Thanks Ricky. It's the only model that I ever succeeded in brush painting. Never been able to pull it off since!

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12 hours ago, bobss396 said:

I did one recently, pretty much the same as yours. It takes a real man to chop up a 60 year old kit. I have to shoot some pix of it soon. 

Thanks Bob. Looking forward to seeing yours mate.

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