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1963 Chevy II Nova Wagon


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Here’s my build of the recent Craftsman Plus release of the ‘63 Nova wagon. I picked this kit up cheap from Ollie’s and figured it would be a quick build to practice bare metal foil on. My last and only other car I’ve foiled was a ‘57 Chevy… and while this Nova turned out well, I still don’t enjoy foiling. 😅 If you’re trying foiling out for the first time, this is a great kit for it because the trim details are super crisp and it’s easy to cut the foil cleanly. The body is painted Tamiya TS45 Pearl White over grey primer and the interior is Rustoleum Apple Red. The pearl white looks more silvery/dove grey in person over that grey primer than a pearl white but I think it looks good with the red interior.IMG_1670.jpeg.46281309811b54fd80b8e8baf0a07a21.jpegIMG_1671.thumb.jpeg.1a623899b050d7300a5315b931c5a4c4.jpegIMG_1684.jpeg.20c9916959967f7ee24c2b852b718ef0.jpegIMG_1683.jpeg.5f34af5e9e71ad985df23add841d09b8.jpegIMG_1682.jpeg.e3bfdc469b71a45df783a8c7b2d03d5e.jpegIMG_1681.jpeg.7df237d7ce02bf1e40e86741facc6c69.jpegIMG_1679.jpeg.ff82870122428e8b62e9f9eefcdf5c26.jpegIMG_1676.jpeg.9a8ce3f45939f80e669bccca97f64abc.jpegIMG_1685.jpeg.090990518d07d16325943b1d765f5424.jpegIMG_1688.jpeg.d3fcd44ad3d55248d3b0641655dfeecb.jpegIMG_1689.jpeg.d20d7a8f2b659c7d804448a895024d85.jpegThe roof on that ‘57 is the same TS45 pearl white, but over white primer. 


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