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1959 Caddy aka The Undertaker

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Well this is something you don't find everyday. I got this car, a resin hearse, and a casket off Ebay many years back. Well I'm not that big a fan of Ghostbusters, but have owned 2 1:1 Hearses in my life. So what do you do with a retired hearse that's been retired again? I turned mine into a Spookster! I lowered the car down 3 scale inches, threw on some 18's from the Black Force Slammer Kit, Opened the rear door for the casket, and handmade a vinyl top. Painted the interior Blood Red and the exterior Satin Black. Enjoy! :P






More Pics here: http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b278/Tumbler75/Completed%20Model%20Cars/1959%20Cadillac%20Hearse/

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Love these old Hearses. Something about them just makes them too cool. I love the flames on this and the vinyl top is a good touch too! B) The stance looks good with those wheels. :)


Love the wheels too.

Awesome Job!!

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Thanx guys! The comments are most welcomed. When it came to building this car I noticed a bunch of people building them "Stock" like they were ready for service. I didn't want to follow the crowd so I did it like I would have done a 1:1. Glad ya like, and thanx again for the comments.

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Nice build looks killer love the casket and the wheels are

great on it nice detail. I have had a idea to build a 1:1

Hearse some day with a casket speaker box, custom interior

in blood red, big V8, custom wheels and flat black paint

with ghost skulls. Got the idea when i was in high school

and a friend ask me to help him come up with some ideas

for a hearse he was given think it was a 1963.

Just needs a skeleton beside it as a driver

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G1Grim13, If you can track down an Ecto 1 Ghostbusters car (Ebay is a good source and sometimes Hobby Shops) it's not real hard to convert it to a Hearse, only hiccup is they are curbside only. If you want to go differently (like I plan in the future) get a 59 Caddy Convertible or Hardtop and do some hackin' here and there to combine the two frames and make it a full detail. Hope this helps. Thanx for the comments everyone! Yeah this is the car "Death" himself would deliver you to the Underworld, Flames and ALL!! :rolleyes::blink::):angry:

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