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2006 Dodge Rampage SRT8

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Ok, now that I have your attention and scratching your head. You're right, Dodge didn't produce such a vehicle after 1987/8. The Dodge Rampage was originally a FWD car based truck off the Omni O24/Charger (Shelby)/Horizon O24/Turismo 2 Dr Hatchback Platform to compete up against the likes of VW with their Rabbit Truck.

Well I wanted to bring this truck into the next century. I am basing this one off the 300C/Charger/Magnum Platform and mostly the Magnum Wagon Car. So far I have chopped off the roof, reconstructed a new top and rear glass using bits from the original Magnum Roof (removing the sunroof) and rear liftgate. I've completed the conversion of making this into a Truck by grafting the bed of a Dodge Sidewinder into place under the new railings around the bed portion. Made new Sail Panels with a faux window. Scratchbuilt a new tailgate (the original was too curved) and got it hinged. The rear bumper is also boxed in and ready for some putty, plus the interior mods are completed. Enjoy!

What I started with:


Where it is now:





The completed Interior:





All Construction Pics Here:http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b278/Tumbler75/In%20Progress%20Builds/2006%20Rampage/

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Thanx guys for the replies and comments. I've been slowly chuggin' away at this thing hoping that eventually it'll be ready enough to lay down the last bit of primer before throwin' on some colour. Working on a few small tidbits before I am satisfied and ready to paint it. Have a colour in mind I think will really shine on this Concept.

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Thanx to those who have commented. I should have this one wrapped up soon as the body and everything else is painted. They jus' need a li'l bit of dry time and then on to final assembly. Here's Jus' a Teaser of the body colour.


Enjoy! ;)

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