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38 Ford/Wagon Rod


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Just finished this build. I combined the front clip from the Testors 38 Ford Vantastic kit with the rear of the AMT Wagon Rod. I had to section the body through the doors in a couple of spots to keep the hood from sitting like a ramp, which means I had to adjust a bit of the height of the dash and door panels. First picture shows the cuts and second shows how much the height was reduced. Other than that the only other change was some 3D printed tires and wheels and some parts box taillights. Color is Testors Icy Blue over grey primer and I brushed several colors of paints for the wood grain. Enjoy!













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8 hours ago, moparmike619 said:

This thing is beautiful! I have always been partial to the front end of the ‘38, and the wood panels and the lines they create just accentuate the shape and make it even better. Very well done, and excellent vision! It came out great

Thank you. It has a great look to me too.


8 hours ago, XYHARRY said:

Nice custom work on this Tom. Colours, wheels and stance look spot on. Well done.


David. 😎👍

Thank you. I appreciate it David.


7 hours ago, Yeah Nah said:

Wow! Everything great about this! Man, those wheels/tyres.......🤩

Thank you. It turned out much better than I expected.


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