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'69 Chevrolet Corvair


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This is the AMT release of the 1969 Chevrolet Corvair. I picked this up from Ebay. When it arrived, there were 2 almost complete kits in the box. One of the engines was started but that's about it. This was pretty straight forward.


I knew what color I wanted as it was inspired by something I saw on the web.



The paint is Duplicolor Chevrolet red and the clear is Minwax Poly. BMF and a Molotow knock off pen was used for the shiny bits. I added black flocking for the carpet and package tray. I added flat washers and sheet styrene for the disc brakes and calipers.



I also added button snaps for the pulleys and scratch built a distributor and plug wires. Battery cables are 28 gauge wire with crimped ends I found at the craft store.




Front wheels articulate courtesy of an old parts tree and some push pins. This one was a bit of a challenge and I am happy with the results.





Thanks for looking.

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Beautiful looking paint finish and color. Like how you did the engine and the stance. The 1:1 car was never appreciated for how good it was in an era of 396 Chevelles and 427 Impalas. Had a young customer whose parents got him a new '65 Turbo with the 4 speed in Lemon Yellow and Black interior. Living in the mountains it was pretty hard to keep up with if you know what I mean. 

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1 hour ago, Koellefornia Kid said:

Funny coincidence: When I bought this kit some years ago I found a cool pic on the web that I just had to build, too:


I think both would look really nice next to each other...


Great idea! Why dont you build the black one and send it to me! 😀 Actually I do have another kit. The black looks great as a convertible. I might have to do that. It's funny, we have similar tastes. I was looking at the Galaxy you just posted. I was going for the same idea.


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