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I'm on a roll this month getting projects finished. Managed to get two completed already (38 Ford Woody wagon and 96 Dodge Ramcharger) and I've moved on to finishing this rebuild project. I got this one as a built-up and started redoing it earlier this year.



The body is airbrushed with nail polish (silver and one called Mermaid) and I cleared it with HOK clear with some microflakes added in for a bit more sparkle.


Tonight I began the BMF and detailing the badges. I should be able to finish the BMF in my next session.

20230916_205802.thumb.jpg.6ea9a84643869a9261f4d5118ddbd493.jpg20230730_190908.thumb.jpg.c38e2c9b456f090a4edf6e315f3a5b4a.jpg20230730_224146.thumb.jpg.5a8e966d0d1ce859845ef2b3e21fa39f.jpgI need to dig through the parts bin and find an appropriate door mirror. I should be able to get this finished in a couple more bench sessions.

Here is where it sits tonight. Just mocked up.



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1 hour ago, Slotto said:

That's killer Tom. Tell me about those wheels and tires


I wondered when someone would ask. The wheel is one of those "I'll be darned" moments. I was throwing out an empty deodorant one day when I noticed this on the bottom. I just took a pen(anything long and slim) and rammed it out from the inside.

Took a while to finally get a set of four but I have been collecting them ever since. The hubcaps are some that one of the site members donated to me for the project. Tires are from the parts box.




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