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Tamiya Yamaha XV1600 Roadstar

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Definitely more of a car guy than a motorcycle enthusiast but fell in love with this kit when I saw it on the shelves at the hobby store. I had some leftover paint from Scale finishes from a previous model I had painted and thought it would work just right on this. Paint is Scalefinishes Lexus Liquid Blue topped with a sweet, shiny and reflective Splash 2K clear which really made it pop. To enhance reality, I used a Hobby Design, Yamaha XV1600 Roadstar Detail-Up Photo-Etch Set specifically designed for this Tamiya kit. Had a lot of fun putting this one together!!!

yamaha 1.jpg

yamaha 4.jpg

yamaha 6.jpg

yamaha 8.jpg

yamaha 10.jpg

yamaha 11.jpg

yamaha 12.jpg

yamaha 14.jpg

yamaha 16.jpg

yamaha 18.jpg

yamaha 19.jpg

yamaha 22.jpg

yamaha 24.jpg

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Absolutely gorgeous!

I rode one of these on a trip through Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota back in September of 2019. I did 3,800 kilometres in 5 days on the bike. It was an extremely comfortable ride and a great trip.



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