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Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada - June 23, 2007 : 1937 HRG roadster/sportscar at Annual Graves Island Car Show at Graves Island Provincial Park, Chester, Nova Scotia Canada. HRG Engineering Company manufactured cars in Great Britain from 1935 to 1956.

Camera: Olympus E500 & Zukko 14-45 lens


1937 HRG roadster fsv EDIT 2020 {2007}=KRM02.jpg

1937 HRG roadster fsv02 EDIT 2023 {2007}=KRM02.jpg

1937 HRG roadster fv EDIT 2023 {2007}=KRM02.jpg

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Way back in the late 1970s, I was hearing a persistent rumor of an "old MG-looking" car that had been abandoned for many years on Pawleys Island. Finally somebody brought back a grainy Polaroid of the car surrounded by reeds and sawgrass, but the grille was barely visible, and it looked like an HRG.

I made a road trip the next weekend, with a trailer, shovels, machetes, and come-alongs, figuring I'd pull it out and worry about getting permission later.

Sure enough, it was indeed an HRG just like this, but having been exposed to the salt air for decades, there really wasn't anything left to salvage. :(


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2 hours ago, Dave Ambrose said:

What a sweet ride! Love the looks, and quarter elliptical springs on the front end are eye-catching. 


Plus, the suspension is what used to be called "under slung" since the axle and the frame are mounted under the leaf springs. 

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