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Johan Plymouth 'Cuda


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Hi. I built this virtually box-stock with the exception of the wheels and tires which came from the Revell '68 Dart kit and the hockey stick stripe from a Revell kit. The paint is 3-stage "Slime" urethane paint from Hotshots Auto Body in Miami, Florida. Nothing special, but it turned out alright. Thank you for looking. 

20230908 003622

20230908 173917

20230908 173903

20230908 173927

20230908 173734

20230908 173650

20230908 173706

20230908 173847

20230908 173842

20230908 173952

20230908 173824

20230908 173834

20230908 173936

20230908 173757

20230908 173815

20230908 173944



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cool build! i like it!...thats one of my favorite kits by johan ever since i bought one back in my youth from my local hobby store for like $3 dollars and 15 cents lol now they are like $60-plus on e bay! like the color!

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I will take the JoHan kit with it's no-detail chassis and interior over every other Barracuda/Cuda kit available in the last decade.

The Body proportions are just so spot on.

This is a body Round2 should clone!


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