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'66 Ford Galaxie


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This is the AMT release of the 1966 Ford Galaxie 500. I picked this up on Ebay. It was missing a seat and the engine block. The inspiration was the Dave Kindig Galaxie. Just as I started in on it, @Koellefornia Kid dropped his. I almost put it back on the shelf at that point but decided to take a different route. I lobbed off the top and went without the graphics.

Since I had one good seat, I put it in the copy machine and made another. Can you tell which is which? I can't remember if I used Krylon or Rustoleum for the flat white exterior. The red interior is Apple Barrel Pure Red craft acrylics. The engine was missing so I robbed the boneyard for that. I added plug wires, carborator connections and return spring, fuel lines and radiator and heater hoses. Then decided to go curbside. I may put in the 7 litre at another time, just not now. I used stick pins for the turn signal switch and sun visors pivots. The sun visors are sheet styrene cut freehand. I don't love the wheels but they are a good fit for this build. I should have left them chrome. The disc brakes are flat washers and the calipers are scraps of sheet styrene painted red. I used a chrome pen and BMF for the bright work.
Thanks for looking.









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