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1921 Duesenberg French GP winner - see at the 2023 ACME Southern NNL on Oct 28th

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This model was designed by myself in Sketchup and printed on my Anycubic 3d printer. The car was driven by Jimmy Murphy to win the 1921 French GP. See it at the ACME Southern NNL on Oct 28th. Link to information: 2023 ACME Southern Nationals | (acme-ipms.com)  Also, the Savoy Automobile Museum is only a mile away: SAVOY AUTO MUSEUM (savoymuseum.org). We are anticipating about 800 car models on display; hope to see you there! 



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Thanks! With CAD ( computer aided design) and 3d printing, you are limited only by your patience and amount of spare time. Here is an exploded view of the Duesenberg before printing. 

Duesenberg 1921 parts blowup.jpg

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On 10/1/2023 at 3:10 AM, Bugatti Fan said:

And I always thought that Americans generally favoured 1/25th over 1/24th Andrew!   Lol.

The 1/25th standard was set for American car models in the 1950's by AMT and Johan. However, 1/24th has become standard for classics, sports cars and "Mint" diecast. Don't ask me why. I prefer 1/24th, 

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Pico, I think generally there is more tendency towards 1/24th scale these days by manufacturers and agree that that is the scale I prefer too over 1/25th. 

There is certainly a real mish mash of sca!es in automotive kits and die casts produced down the years.

1/8  1/12  1/16  1/18  1/20  1/24  1/25  1/32  1/35  1/43  1/48  HO/OO

As modellers we all have our particular favourites for different reasons.

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