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Maisto's 1970s Corvettes


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Bought the blue 1/24 scale Maisto 1970 Corvette T-Top and detailed it by adding carpeting, painting lower chassis, blackwashing the grille, silvering the exhaust tips, finishing touches to the interior and door panels.  Found another red Maisto 1970 Corvette and thought it would be identical to the blue one. Learned the blue one was produced a few years earlier.  This accounted for the Maisto cost cuts and lack of details to the red one; that is, no paint in the engine bay, lack of stickers on the dash and air cleaner, and no chrome wheels. So the red version received carpeting and the same detailing as the blue version, except that I had a blank canvas in the engine bay and no stickers for the dash or air cleaner. I added a small amount of chrome on the red one's wheels.  The red Corvette has a meaner performance look and the blue has a more tasteful appearance. 
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Those look pretty darn good! I see you like to do the same thing I do--take these cheap diecasts and apply a few simple, basic modeling skills to pimp 'em up a little bit. I've done dozens of diecasts this way. I know I have a couple of cheap early ('68-'72) C3 Vettes in my collection but I don't believe I've seen this one (I don't think any of mine has T-tops). These look VERY nice and I might have to try to find one. Thanks for sharing them with us! Model on! B)

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