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My Builds of the Tom Daniels designed "true" hot rods kits

Mr. Metallic

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I was on vacation Thanksgiving week and was hoping to get more bench time, but sadly it didn't work out that way. I have changed the wheel/tire combo. The 3D printed slicks I got were nicely done, but I was still having trouble finishing them nicely with the whitewall and tire lettering and getting a black to match the tone and sheen of the kit front tires. Plus, the sidewall was very thin and cracked several times. Decided to go with the tires from the Round2 AMT Gasser wheel/tire parts pack. I had the slicks mocked up at one point early on the SweeTee but they are only 75% of the size of the kit supplied slicks so I was afraid they would look too small. Well, I tried them again now that I have the suspensions finalized and I think they look great. This is the actual stance, and I think it mimics the box art very well. Dig it man.


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9 hours ago, Bullybeef said:

Looks great Craig, don’t lose momentum you are close to the finish line! 

Thanks for the cheerleading Bil. Haven't had any bench time over the last ten days since I've been wrapped up in a refresh of our bedroom. We purchased a new bedroom set and decided to paint and redo the trim in the room before we got the new furniture, hence the urgency to get it done before the new furniture arrived. Pretty much wrapped that up last night so hoping to get some significant bench time this weekend. Fingers crossed!

What's really left to do is polish the yellow body parts and final assembly. 

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Alright, finally an update.

Did a little polishing on the body parts to get them ready for final assembly. 



And after:


I might be happy going this far because I'm not sure I want to lose the fact that it's plastic. This level was achieved with a few minutes of using Meguiars Scratch-X. It was recommended that I could go further by using Novus, so I may test it out, But like i said I think I may be happy with where it is now.

Anyway, I'm hoping that this will allow me to get into final assembly very soon.

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