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Monogram 1953 Chevy Bel Air


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I just finished it yesterday. I scratchbuilt the arm rests on the front door panels for added realism. I did use a mirror from my junkyard because the kit does not offer a stock one. And used photoetched parts along with decals for the dash. And scratch built door sill plate moldings. I wired the engine and used photoetched hose clamps for the first time.  Made front coil springs also for it. Scratch built valve stems for tires to and painted tire lettering plus detailed the hubcaps. 8 coats of Testors gloss cream and 4 of Testors gloss black. Airbrushed. I had alot of fun building it. It was a 2 month build. And only fit issue was hood. The trickiest parts to detail was painting the hood and trunk emblems red white and blue but it was well worth the effort. And of course i foiled up all the chrome trim. Otherwise it goes together great like most monogram kits. I came to learn my Grandpa had one of these back then to.









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Thank you everyone! I liked the color combo when I seen it on a real one. And I definitely enjoy the fine detail work and taking the time to do it. My foiling skills have definitely come along way. It's funny I remember when I was 13 when I started building model cars regularly I just wanted to slap it together as soon as I could So i could buy another one now I enjoy detailing them. 

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