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65 Chevelle Z16


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1 hour ago, espo said:

I agree with Slusher on the paint finish. Looks like it already has been polished.  

Thanks, but no. There is a small bit of sanding that needs done. I sprayed the final clear on Thanksgiving and have let it sit to harden. This past Thursday I taped the hood off to spray the underside and the tape still left faint lines in the clearcoat. Could have sworn it was dry by now.

I got a used dehydrator yesterday. After I clean it up I am going to put it in the dehydrator for a good day before I wetsand.


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It has been a very busy week for me and last night was the first chance I've gotten all week to sit at the bench. 

I had wetsanded the hood a week ago to try and remove the faint lines left by the tape. Eventually I resprayed another light coat of clear and stuck the hood in the dehydrator for a couple days.

Last night I polished it and then added the PE letters using Future floor polish as glue. (I see now that I need to reposition the L. It is sitting too high.) I also installed the chrome hood strip on the front.

That's all I got done on this project for now. I boxed it up to take with me to a model show today in Somerset, KY.



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5 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

As I recall  those "wheels" were actually optional wheel covers but only late in the model year as was the Z16.

Sam is actually talking about the yellow lined tires. They are supposed to be gold lined but they are more yellow. It's what was provided on "The Last Detail" decal sheet. I used them because the vrey first "experimental" Z-16 had gold line tires.


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