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1941 Chevy Pickup

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6 hours ago, slusher said:

Really nice project Bob, an old classic Chevy!  Real nice beast of an engine you have to drop in there!

Hey, we're back up and running.  Thank's Carl.  I'm hoping I can shoe horn that 572 in the business end.  

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28 minutes ago, espo said:

The bed decal looks great. Is it going to be an issue masking it when you paint the body, or can the floor be removed for painting? 

The decal is just setting in the bed.  It's still on its backing paper.  This was just a trial fit to make sure I had the cuts nice and tight around the tubs I made.

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I worked on getting leaves up in the yard today so not a whole lot of bench time but, I did manage to get a few things painted.  The chassis is painted with Tamiya TS-42 Light Gun Metal.  The interior is painted with Rust-Oleum Satin Nutmeg.  I put a little of the 572 together but still waiting on the replacement front pulley setup from the Iceman.  




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2 hours ago, dragcarz said:

Looking great Bob, I like the roll pan, great color on the chassis, nice to mix it up a bit. Once again great eye for color! 

Thanks Roger.  Well....I've been told I have an eye like an eagle and a nose like a beagle 😋

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I got my replacement pulley setup in from the Iceman.  I have some .090 Dia. strained wire that I use for radiator hose and I pull the wire out so it makes the insulation really flexible. By doing this it can be bent into tight spots.  I also got the engine wired and the fuel line to each carb ran.  I still need to add the hose clamps and do some touch up.    




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