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50 minutes ago, Classicgas said:

A great source of information in regards to factory offered colors.


Yup, I've got this site in my bookmarks.

Use it constantly!


Not just your typical color reference site, but links to actual chip sheets, and cars painted in the actual colors.

Extremely useful site, especially when used in conjunction with one of the after market paint providers that offer correct factory colors.





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This is an extremely informative site, so much so I liquidated my collection of paint chip books dating from the 1920s-1980s. The formulas shown on the scanned pages are outdated, but it at the very least gives you an idea of what colors looked like.

PPG or Dupont(now Axalta) used to have a website with historical color chips that were scanned but I can no longer find the site. My bookmark is outdated.


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Another nice feature of the Paintref site is the ability to quickly cross reference colors.


If you’re looking at a particular Chevrolet color from say, 1969, you can click on the color and see if that code was available on other makes, models or years, and what the name of the color was for that particular make or model.

This is particularly useful when ordering paint from a provider such as MCW, who don’t always provide codes or correct color names for every make.


For instance, MCW may have 1966 Chevrolet “Marina Blue” listed on their website, but in order to find out if that exact color was available on a Pontiac for instance, the Paintref cross reference feature will tell you very quickly.

According to Paintref.com, F-Code 1966 Chevrolet “Marina Blue” was only available on Chevrolets, and the identical color available on Buick’s as “Blue Mist”, and only in 1966.


Lots of very good information there.





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