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IMG_9355.thumb.jpg.8b0e04f76d8d2146985f43ad2bf66fc8.jpgIMG_9356.thumb.jpg.ceda334d1a51d5bc6153a959ed0addc9.jpgIMG_9357.thumb.jpg.f18d605aad6c5d4384df7d3ebeb786ca.jpgIMG_9358.thumb.jpg.ea068781645ee602a1a9f77137c5f2d9.jpgIMG_9359.thumb.jpg.47f9b41119f663913ecd96b44f0e3b20.jpgIMG_9361.thumb.jpg.175416d4a5c3550e1d89be8feaf1e427.jpgIMG_9362.thumb.jpg.ee32a2f969fc6e3ae4a02287d8b1c015.jpgIMG_9351.thumb.jpg.4cb4066504569cbb10a6dabb7ed65c84.jpgIMG_9352.thumb.jpg.9d16673df83228ad26fd2f0733dd9403.jpgIMG_9353.thumb.jpg.cea61dd1156c81dc2063a4a2d481a50d.jpgIMG_9354.thumb.jpg.7fa75bf9a001d1df8ed8c6318103b900.jpgIMG_9350.thumb.jpg.b8eff5419e7b040affa1701f8a80c94d.jpgI found out that my photo storage service lost most of my pics (that was money well spent 😡). I took new pics this morning. They are better than the old ones anyway.

This is a Modified / Sports car. This class was for Corvettes, T - Birds and other cars that NHRA deemed to be Sports Cars. Essentially Gas class cars. Eventually these cars were dumped into the Gas classes. 

I made the headers from solder, the roll bar from metal tubing and the tonneau cover is sheet plastic with rivet detail via a pounce wheel. I printed the decals too.

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