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Studebaker GT Hawk emblem decals

Paul Payne

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So, it turns out that while there's never been a standard model kit, nor a Danbury Mint type diecast of a '62-64 Studebaker Hawk Gran Turismo..

Which is unfortunate, because they're really cool cars..

There HAVE been resins of em made in the past..

Modelhaus apparently offered a '62 Hawk GT..

S.C. Miller apparently offered a '63 Hawk GT..

(I absolutely LOVE S.C. Miller cars, and would really appreciate getting hands on one of these Hawk GTs if yer listening Santa!)


TKM apparently offered a '64 Hawk GT..

(Santa, I also LOVE them TKM cars too!)

From what I can tell, those are the only three options for getting a ready made Hawk GT..

Any of them three resin kits will likely be very expensive, and that's IF one could even be found, as they're undoubtedly very rare..

A real ambitious builder could get an AMT '53 Studebaker Starliner kit and transform it into a Hawk GT too I suppose..

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Yer lucky to have gotten one of those!

This probably will be of no help :

I did a little more searching, and it turns out that Missing Link apparently made a '62 Hawk GT resin kit, and from what I can see, it is the BEST one that anyone ever released as it included some really swell photoetched emblems..

Maybe you'll get lucky and find that photoetch sheet someday!

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