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AMT 66 Chevelle SS


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Just finished this one up after a very frustrating final assembly. I was very excited this being a new tool and made in the USA and all but it almost got launched across the room. I ended up cutting off the alternator, removing the battery and master cylinder and cutting small sections of core support and right front wheelhouse off to finally mate the extremely tight fitting body to the chassis. No glue required however! Front bumper was just as rough. Didn’t care for the kit hubcaps so I used some parts box rally wheels. The side mirror in the kit is greatly oversized so I used a smaller one out of my stash. I had originally painted it Model Masters Flame Red which was closer to a original color but it had to take a bath in the purple pond, unfortunately I couldn’t find another can of it. It now sits with Tamiya TS-39 Mica Red. All in all I suppose it turned out pretty well. Sore about the long winded rant but thanks for checking it out.








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That is a great red and I like the wheels.

I find that I have to test fit everything on a model. I like to "pin" the body to the chassis, front and back, so it goes together the same time all the time. I make up hidden tabs to secure the bumpers if need be. Glass and dash fits... can give us fits. 

I have been taking about 1/16" from each chassis side before I do anything. I also sand some from behind the rocker panels so it fits together will less stress. I put a radius where it won't show, less chance of scraping the paint. Too many models, the body curves in at the bottom for some reason, quite excessively.

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