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1941 Chevy Truck

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Got this one finished the other day.  The suspension has been lowered, parts box wheels and tires with the inner parts painted in body color, Iceman Blown BBC w/ Dominators Hilborn Hat.  The paint is Tamiya XF-63 German Grey and cleared with Tamiya X-22 Clear.  I decided not to put the bumper on to give it more of a Restomod feel.  Tubs in the box were made from pill bottles, Radiator support rods were made from paper clips, engine was wired with 30 AWG black wire.  Like always with me, I had some issues but overall it was a fun build.

WIP:    https://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/186301-1941-chevy-pickup/











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10 minutes ago, stitchdup said:

Nice work, especially getting the hood to fit. mine looks like its too short

Thank's Les.  The cab had to be pushed forward as much as possible while gluing it in place or it would spring back making the hood short.  At least on mine that was the issue. 

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6 minutes ago, espo said:

Beautiful looking paint finish and like the wheels done to match. The open hood looks better than a scope. 

Thanks David.  Yeah, I figured the ole boy that build and drives this one still wanted the hood sides to open with the piano hinge down the middle so this was the solution.  

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1 hour ago, Street Rod said:

I’m digging the finished truck, a 1:1 version of it would be a blast! Looking forward to watching your progress on the next project.

Thank's Doyle.  It would be pretty kewl to have a 1:1 of this.

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8 hours ago, slusher said:

Absolutely gorgeous, Bob so cleanly built!    Where did you source the exhaust!?

Thank's Carl.  The mufflers came out of the AMT Hotwheels Monster truck kit and the exhaust tubes are made from solder.  

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4 hours ago, TarheelRick said:

That is one awesome build. Nothing subtle about it, just looking at it you know it is going to have incredible power under the hood. Paint looks exceptional. Overall sweet pickup.

Thank's Ricky.  Yeah buddy, just a little toy for the weekend rides on Saturday night.  Thank you for your service.  

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2 hours ago, IceMan Collections said:

Oh man!  Great execution. That engine bay is stuffed with the right amount of power!

I like this a lot. 
thanks for the support. 

Thank's JM.  I had to borrow your extra Big shoe horn to shove that BBC in the business end of this 41.  I think fellows need to know where the good stuff comes from.  

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