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Revell 1948 Ford Police Coupe 1/25 Scale, in Lavender.


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Here's my version of the Revell 1948 Ford Police Coupe 2'n 1. I built this one for a youtube group build, #fatfendersfinschromegb23. The body is painted in a custom mix of craft paints, and is cleared with Createx High Gloss Clear. I used Bare Metal Foil for all of the side trim. The seats and door panels are a slightly different mix of the same paints and Decoart White. The seats are cleared with Createx Satin Clear. The wheels are from the AMT 1969 Olds 442 with parts box tires. I also lowered the front and rear suspensions. This was a pretty fun build and aside from the challenge of lowering the suspensions, everything went together very well. As always, thanks for looking!!
















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5 hours ago, Sledsel said:

Very nice!!!! 


4 hours ago, happy grumpy said:

Looks so nice and the color makes it pop. Gotta love those fat fenders. Interior is top notch.


4 hours ago, 70 Sting said:

Totally works in that colour. The peek through the driver side window is nice. 


4 hours ago, SpikeSchumacher said:

Very cool!


3 hours ago, Jim B said:

Nice looking Ford, and the lavender looks great.  Well done.


2 hours ago, gman said:

As a lover of Fat Fendered early Fords, you have done that kit justice. You'll never lose one that color in a parking lot- looks great.


27 minutes ago, Yeah Nah said:

Top build Craig. That colour certainly works!

Thanks guys!!

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On 12/28/2023 at 6:08 PM, karbuildr said:

Very cool build. I like the lavender color you chose and it looks really good, along with the mag type wheels.


On 12/28/2023 at 6:46 PM, PappyD340 said:

Very nice!

Thanks guys!

23 hours ago, Pierre_tec said:

When I saw your video and you said it’s going to be lavander, I didn’t see it well at my imagination. Now that I see it together, looks like a really nice and different color. Nice build, love your channel !

Thanks! It looked good in my head, but took me three tries to get the color right on the car. Thanks for watching my channel, glad you like it!

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