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Let me introduce Jade, a 1965 Pontiac Bonneville 421, Tri-Power, 4-speed in Teal Pearl


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Well gents. This one got done along with her Big Girl sisters. I present to you JADE. She is painted in Testors Chezoom Teal Pearl metallic with a well detailed turquoise interior. Lots of skill expanding detail has been put into her including scratch built console with REAL wood inlays and my 1st successful interior flocking.

65 Bonne RR 1.JPG

65 Bonne RF.JPG

65 Bonne LF.JPG

65 Bonne LR.JPG

65 Bonne undercarriage.JPG

65 Bonne RR 2.JPG

65 Bonne interior.JPG

65 Bonne engine finished.JPG

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1 hour ago, Kah puts said:

These Pontiac’s are like full custom’s right out of the factory, bravo on this build 👍

Thank you, Glen. 🙂

1 hour ago, GoodbuildNY said:


Thank you, D. 🙂

1 hour ago, redscampi said:

Very, very nice! Love the color!

Thank you, Gary. 🙂

1 hour ago, Nacho Z said:

You really do these land yachts proud, Bill!

Thank you, John. 🙂

1 hour ago, Yeah Nah said:

Beautiful! One of the best styling years for the big Pontiacs.

Thank you, Gary. 🙂

52 minutes ago, AMT68 said:


Thank you, Tom. 🙂

50 minutes ago, Dave Darby said:

Looks great. Really nice execution, and man that Testors Colors by Boyd line had some great colors!

Thank you, Dave. Yes they did. 🙂

38 minutes ago, Rob Hall said:

Sharp build, great color! 

Thank you, Robert. 🙂


7 minutes ago, moparmike619 said:

I looked at her sister Sapphire first and was pretty impressed, but I’m taking this one if given the choice. Wow!! Fantastic job (as I’ve come to expect when I see your posts!)

Thank, you Mike. Stand by, two more sisters are coming soon. 😃

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Nice Build. Great photos. The 65 Canadian Parisienne is one of my all time favorites. The mechanic at a local gas station had one with the most powerful Canadian Chevy based engine with a 4-speed. This car did very well at a stop light drag against a local Thunderbolt. The sights and sounds of that match up are etched in my brain.  

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