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The "BAD" girl Onyx. A 1965 Pontiac with a 376HP 421 Tri-Power and a 4-speed in Testors Metallic Black.


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This is the the last of my Pontiac Big Girls. She wears Pegasus wheels and disc brakes. I upgraded the tires to be taller to fill the wheel wells better. I also use different inlays on the console. Comments welcome.

2+2 RR 1.JPG

2+2 RF.JPG

2+2 LF.JPG

2+2 LR.JPG

2+2 undercarriage.JPG

2+2 RR 2.JPG

2+2 interior.JPG

2+2 Engine finished.JPG

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6 hours ago, Jim B said:

Looks great. Really well done. 

Thank you, James. 🙂

5 hours ago, michelle said:

Very nice work 

Thank you, Michelle. 🙂

4 hours ago, Keef said:

Bill I believe that this one is my most favorite of all. The color combo with those wheels and tires looks stunningly menacing. I love Love LOVE it!!! 

Thank you, Keith. The 2+2 had the most potential for performance as it was the lightest of the bunch.

3 hours ago, Slotto said:

Sexy in black. Truly a gem

Thank you, Steve. 🙂

2 hours ago, Zippi said:

That's a Looker right there now.  Very nice.

Thank you, Bob. 🙂

2 hours ago, Dragonhawk1066 said:

She's a beauty all-around!

Thank you, Craig. 🙂

2 hours ago, Horrorshow said:

Wonderful detail work 

Thank you, Jack. I put extra effort into the interiors.

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19 hours ago, slusher said:

Absolutely Stunning model!

Thank you, Carl. 🙂


16 hours ago, Yeah Nah said:

These Pontiacs are awesome! Definitely my favourite period for these.

Thank you, Garry. I was only a toddler when these came out.

16 hours ago, ncbuckeye67 said:

Yet another beauty in your garage. That blue interior looks so good with the black pearl, wow!

Thank you, Jeff. I was looking to do something different and the blue interior was a factory option with black.

14 hours ago, SpikeSchumacher said:

Another beauty Bill!

Than you, Mathias. 🙂

10 hours ago, atomicholiday said:

Perfect.👍. The wheels and stance, the paint…. I’m really digging this one.

Thank you, Jeremy. To me, stance is very important. I get it pretty close most of the time.

10 hours ago, rrb124@sbcglobal.net said:

Wow. My next door neighbor had one in black. Brings back good memories. Hers was not a tri-power but still fast for a big car. Good looking model!

Thank you, Robert. 🙂

9 hours ago, Lunajammer said:

Wow, what a beauty. Only fault I see is it’s not a ‘66 😀,

Mike, Thank you. I agree. I was entered in a car show in Omaha, NE and a GORGEOUS 66 2+2 was parked next to me. It left quite an impression. All of these Ponchos are as close as I think I am going to get.

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She’s a beauty Bill !! Long and low… great stance. I like that you went with the slightly taller profile tires, good choice. Very crisp, clean build throughout sir. I always admire your shop dio, and particularly like the shots with your cars on the hoist.

Cheers, Steve

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