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This is a mostly an out of the box build with the a rear wheel substitution from the polar lights funny car kits . In my opinion this is the best slingshot dragster kits of the mid to late sixties era , and their our a lot of aftermarket decals available for it . So kudos for round 2 for reissuing this fine kit. I found that it goes together real easy . I definitely don’t get into a slump building these rail jobs and I’ve built quite a few of them. For some reason this issue of model car science is kinda tough to find. Until next time thanks for looking 👀, Mike IMG_2876.thumb.jpeg.e722e816fdf69096836e7f8c3ba83052.jpegIMG_2877.thumb.jpeg.84084e7bebf0e64fcec3be43eaa4b8aa.jpegIMG_2868.thumb.jpeg.74123ac7f83af382e301c02e1615a202.jpegIMG_2871.thumb.jpeg.62ea071f6efb382ec4cbb9c2aa6c01fd.jpegIMG_2878.thumb.jpeg.c84b49c660a1b8499579c6b121edf847.jpegIMG_2875.thumb.jpeg.866f7e341e0f7e1e5ceae23bd8a70921.jpegind 

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3 hours ago, dragcarz said:

Another great build Michael, your a building machine p, are you retired?

Semi retired I’m actually a self employed contractor . I try to average 3-4 days of work per week, and after a long gap of not building models I’ve really been building a lot over the last 14 years. I feel that we’re in another golden age of modeling 

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